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How Williamsburg, Brooklyn became a hipster community

Many believe that the world capital of hipsters is Williamsburg, a neighborhood located in northern Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg is today practically synonymous with hipster culture and as such it has even become something of a must-see tourist destination for people visiting New York City. For a very long time, Williamsburg was just another Brooklyn […]

Why do a lot of people hate hipsters?

One thing that is certain about hipsters is that they very, very rarely call themselves “hipsters.” In fact, rejecting that particular classification is one of the few absolute trademarks of this subcultural group. For this reason, it is not often you hear or read how hipsters are cool. On the other hand, there has been […]

Keep in check with all the latest hipster trends at Hipster Collective

By now even your grandmother has heard of hipsters. In fact, the word “hipster” was originally used probably back in her time, originating in the 1940ies and the Jazz Era. The word changed meanings only to a certain extent and today it is used mostly in two ways – as a self-identifying term for members […]